The AKA Thailand beach workouts are still a hit after all these years

So much has changed at AKA Thailand over the years. The faces may have changed but the song remains the same. There is a new cast of characters at the gym but they have kept up the former traditions. The beach workout is one of those traditions and it is still a hit with our guests today.

Presently, almost all of our Muay Thai trainers make their way down to the beach for the classes. We also see a lot of our guests going to do the workout as well. There’s no more boats to get to your destination, rather, it’s about a 15 minute bike ride from AKA Thailand.

Everyone raves about our beach workouts and they are way more catered to the general public. This video from 2015 was different, as it was way more of a fight related workout for professional fighters. The program has changed but the intensity remains the same.