The weekend beach workout is often the favorite part of visiting AKA Thailand for guests

If you ask anyone who participates in the AKA Thailand weekend beach workouts, many will tell you that it is their favorite part of training here.  Most of the time, people who visit AKA Thailand can be found on the mats, either training BJJ or Muay Thai. In the case of beach training,  our Muay […]


AKA Thailand beach workouts are designed to be fun conditioning sessions

AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be for pro fighters. Now, they are designed specifically to be fun conditioning sessions for all levels. Actually, every program that we offer is for people of all levels but our beach workouts are made for guests to have some cardio fun. Sure, you’ll be sweating and working your […]


AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be geared towards the pros but are now beginner friendly

Originally when Mike Swick thought up AKA Thailand there were beach workouts and they were very pro professional fighter. Now, they are totally beginner friendly and our guests can’t get enough of them. Our gym is rated 5-stars and when most people leave reviews when rating us, usually they rave about our beach workouts. Our […]


AKA Thailand hosts weekend beach workouts and guests love them!

AKA Thailand hosts weekend beach workouts and our guests absolutely love them. Actually, our trainers enjoy and look forward to the workouts almost as much as our guests. People may not believe that, but everyone enjoys a change of scenery from mats to the serenity of the beach once a week. AKA Thailand has everything […]


The AKA Thailand beach workouts are still a hit after all these years

So much has changed at AKA Thailand over the years. The faces may have changed but the song remains the same. There is a new cast of characters at the gym but they have kept up the former traditions. The beach workout is one of those traditions and it is still a hit with our […]