AKA Thailand beach workouts are designed to be fun conditioning sessions

AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be for pro fighters. Now, they are designed specifically to be fun conditioning sessions for all levels. Actually, every program that we offer is for people of all levels but our beach workouts are made for guests to have some cardio fun.

Sure, you’ll be sweating and working your tail off at these beach workouts but it’s a subtle break from the rigors of gym training. Water lapping over your feet and sand between your toes makes the most grueling of workouts feel a little more enjoyable.

AKA Thailand trainers move circuit training to the beach on the weekend so everyone can join in on the fun. In fact, many guests who spent time here often refer to the beach workouts as their favorite part of their visit! You literally need no combat sports experience to take part in these. However, our beginners often find themselves working out right next to a seasoned fighting professional!

The beach training is truly for everybody.