AKA Thailand beach workouts used to be geared towards the pros but are now beginner friendly

Originally when Mike Swick thought up AKA Thailand there were beach workouts and they were very pro professional fighter. Now, they are totally beginner friendly and our guests can’t get enough of them.

Our gym is rated 5-stars and when most people leave reviews when rating us, usually they rave about our beach workouts. Our management, programs, training, facilities, and amenities are all contributing factors to our success, but guest love taking the workouts back to nature.

The workouts are designed for beginners or pros. It’s a fitness workout so there is no prior skill needed. All you need is a good attitude and the cardio to hang!

Our Muay Thai trainers take the workouts to the beach where our guests can train on the beautiful shorelines of Phuket. The facilities at AKA Thailand are top notch but on the weekends, working out on the white sand beaches is a nice little change of pace.