AKA Thailand hosts weekend beach workouts and guests love them!

AKA Thailand hosts weekend beach workouts and our guests absolutely love them. Actually, our trainers enjoy and look forward to the workouts almost as much as our guests. People may not believe that, but everyone enjoys a change of scenery from mats to the serenity of the beach once a week.

AKA Thailand has everything that you could want in a 5-star luxury training resort. Guests take advantage of our amenities to the fullest when they are here but we offer them just a little bit more.

Initially, the beach workouts were geared more towards the professional fighters who used our facilities. However, it has since evolved into almost a family gathering of people who are at every skill level. Our trainers go to the beach and run classes just as they would at AKA Thailand. With the beach, it’s almost the same except for the part where your toes are in the sand and ocean water is lapping over your feet.

Our beach workouts are just another reason why AKA Thailand is the highest rated gym in Thailand. Out here, you come first!