Allen Crowder set to face Greg Hardy says he’ll win it for Rachael Ostovich

The story just keeps getting more and more strange. The UFC thought it was good business to put Rachael Ostovich and Greg Hardy on the same inaugural ESPN card. She is just recovering from domestic abuse and he has a history of it. It’s just a bizarre situation that has left everyone scratching their heads. This includes Greg Hardy’s opponent, Allen Crowder, who vows to win in Ostovich’s honor.

When asked about the move, Dana White said that (Rachael Ostovich) is totally cool with it. Maybe so, but everyone else still has questions.

Crowder spoke to TMZ and offered his thoughts into the situation.

“I definitely want to win this fight for her. I’m very against men beating women. I’m definitely not a woman, so he’s going to have a lot harder time with me than he did the last person.

It’s definitely a bad situation and I don’t know how she’s taking it; Best of luck to her in her fight. I’m going to get that win for her and we’ll go from there.”