The AKA Thailand Muay Thai basics. How to throw the proper jab 1-2!

It’s important when learning how to fight that you throw proper strikes. While stance is the most basic of techniques, striking is the most important. AKA Thailand trainer, Kru Bird, shows us how to properly execute the ‘Jab 1-2’.

To people who already know how to throw punches, it seems like the basics of striking should be a non-issue. However, beginners that have no idea what they are doing can benefit greatly from learning the simple technical basics.

Foot placement, how you turn at the hips, and the way you use your limbs are key components to throwing strikes correctly. Kru bird goes over the most basic of strikes and gives subtle reminders of techniques that you should remember. These can be used in any combat sport that involves striking.

Make sure to step into the jab and follow it with a straight punch from the other arm. The fist should be closed while the back of the hand is facing up. Doing this technique improperly can lead to injury. Again, these are simple techniques but are very important when learning how to throw this proper combination.

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