AKA Thailand’s Kru Bird shows some Muay Thai Basics: 1-2 hook

AKA Thailand once again brings out our trainers to demonstrate some Muay Thai Techniques. Kru Bird shows us the basics of a 1-2 hook. The beginning levels are obviously easy but they provide the foundations for advanced techniques.

Kru Bird goes over Muay Thai moves so they are simple to understand and easy to do. It is the little things that make the biggest difference. If you are an advanced fighter then this will help to refine bad habits that some people can pick up along the way.

Kru Bird shows us the simple 1-2 (jab straight) and follows up with a hook. Many people have a hard time with the hook because they see it as an arm punch that you throw from your hip. The history of good technique goes back to the teachings of guys like Bas Rutten, who emphasized the body working like a pendulum to complete the hook. The waist turns and the whole body follows. This creates a lot of power, as the entire body is in motion behind the hook.

We’ve demonstrated the 1-2 before and adding the hook at the end of it makes a clean combo. This technique is part of the striking basics and the hook is a perfect way to round it out.

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