Instructional of the Leg Trip Combo, demonstrated by our coaches

Once again, we are back with another #AKATechniques video. This instructional is demonstrated by AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainers, Kru Bird and Kru Bank. Today’s technique is the ‘Leg Trip Combo’ for Muay Thai.

The leg trip combo is one of the more advanced moves that you can do in Muay Thai. It involves being defensive then switching to being offensive. We do post a lot of beginner techniques, however, this is definitely not one of them. This combo is for the more advanced Muay Thai fighter looking to add to their arsenal.

As Kru Bird and Kru Bank demonstrate, after catching the leg of a kicking opponent, you can do multiple counter moves. An upward elbow, knee to the body, or a kick (sweep) to the lower leg can all be done as individual counters. Our coaches show us that this can also be done in a single combo as well.

In this instructional where we have demonstrated this technique, it is a little more advanced in nature than the usual beginning Muay Thai videos. When utilized correctly, it can be a valuable part of any Muay Thai practitioner’s bag of weapons.

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