Muay Thai basics. Demonstrating the uppercut combo for Muay Thai.

AKA Thailand’s trainer, Kru Bird, shows some basic Muay Thai techniques for beginners to the sport. Here he is demonstrating the uppercut combo. This can be easily learned, as can the subject of any of our Muay Thai basics videos.

When you are just starting out in Muay Thai it is good to have the foundations of the discipline locked in. We have posted many videos previously about Muay Thai basics that have highlighted things like proper stance or how to throw the jab. Those are the most rudimentary of techniques but they are necessary if you want to polish your technique. Throwing the uppercut combo falls into this category as well.

Kru Bird shows us how to properly throw these punches and they are slightly different from other basic punches. More than anything, everything works off of the hips. The uppercut differs from other punches in that the shoulder must be dipped down and you come up with the power punch. Using your hips, arms, and legs correctly will lead to the proper uppercut.

Demonstrating the uppercut and how to throw it correctly can be a huge help to your growing arsenal of strikes in Muay Thai.

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