Build kid’s confidence and put them in BJJ or Muay Thai at AKA Thailand

I’m not quite sure how kids being put in Karate to build their confidence began. I’m assuming it has to do with Bruce Lee because it is one of the least effective martial arts. Compared to Muay Thai and BJJ, Karate may as well be Tai Chi. That’s not to say Karate doesn’t work, however, for it to be effective you must take YEARS of it. If you learn the basics of Muay Thai or BJJ, you can feel confident in your abilities in a very short time.

Why? Because 95% of the Earth’s population have never studied one of these disciplines and have no way to defend it. This is where the teachings of BJJ and Muay Thai come handy in regards to confidence and the ability to defend yourself. Both are offered at AKA Thailand and both are taught by instructors at the highest levels.

At AKA Thailand, Marcio Cesar Gracinha serves as the BJJ instructor for everyone who comes through our doors; From the seasoned veteran to total newbies, everyone works with Professor Marcio. His daily utilized quote, “All levels are welcome” rings true every day on the mats. Marcio doesn’t care about ego or levels. He just focuses on spreading his over 20 years of experience to his students who are eager to learn.

Our Muay Thai has 11 Thai-born trainers with over 2,000+ professional fights between them. Their experience is invaluable and anyone who trains under them will tell you how great they are.

No matter what, your child will gain confidence and learn the traditions of these disciplines. Just get them in the door and we’ll handle the rest!