A large part of our success comes from the contribution of our BJJ/MMA room

Marcio Cesar Gracinha is both an MMA fighter and a BJJ/MMA trainer. Marcio’s contribution is a large part of why our training is world class. Both Marcio and our BJJ/MMA room are a huge reason why we have such a high rating online.

Aside from these two variables; Our management, programs, Muay Thai trainers and facility round out what makes us so special. The cogs in the AKA Thailand machine all need to work together for us to be successful.

The BJJ/MMA room is the largest air-conditioned matted BJJ/MMA room in all of Southeast Asia. A/C is one of the biggest luxuries that you can have in this region and we want to ensure that our guests are comfortable when they are training.

The room is cleaned 3 times a day to avoid the usual gym issues. There’s no staph infections, bacterial infections, or viral infections. The mats, gear, walls, and any other piece of equipment are sanitized for cleanliness. We have NASA-inspired air filters to round out the daily cleanliness routine to ensure that every time someone trains in our room, it’s like the first time that it’s ever been trained in.