“Depending on who they offer, I’m down” – Chuck Liddell

“Depending on who they offer, I’m down for just about anything.” From the Iceman’s mouth to our ears, Chuck Liddell continues on his comeback path.

Chuck has been saying that Chael Sonnen could be a nice easy fight for his reintroduction to the MMA fray. He has also expressed interest in punching Tito Ortiz in the face again. He reiterated both when speaking to TMZ.

“Chael would be a good warmup fight to get back into it. Tito would be great if he’d even considered fighting me. I hear he doesn’t want to fight me at all.”

So, with Tito and Chael both being named, it’s fair to say that either fight takes place in the Bellator cage. One has to wonder how his longtime friend, Dana White, feels about that.