Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand

Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand. Rising UFC stars and UFC legends all know where they want to train when visiting Phuket. A few of the champion names who have graced the mats at AKA Thailand are Chuck Liddell, Big Nog, Jake Shields, Tyron Woodley, Nate Marquardt, and Luke Rockhold. […]


Chuck Liddell ‘Cameo’ trolling has the Iceman really heated

Online trolling will never end. Whether it’s actual trolling or something that gets lost in translation, people will always get got. The accessibility that the every man has nowadays is staggering and at the push of a button. What makes it even worse is that, many times, most of that put ourselves out there with […]

It’s safe to say that Tito Ortiz is not impressed with Chuck’s performance

After crashing Chuck Liddell’s open workout to see if Chuck has anything worth writing home about, Tito Ortiz was almost at a loss for words. It’s safe to say that Tito is not impressed with what he saw from the Iceman. In fact, Tito seemed to almost act like he was being slighted because THIS […]

It’s official. Chuck vs Tito 3 is happening under Golden Boy.

Oscar De La Hoya said he wanted to promote MMA under the Golden Boy banner and it looks to now be a reality. We heard the whispers of a potential Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz fight. It seems that the whispers have become reality and the two will now fight for a third time. De […]

“Depending on who they offer, I’m down” – Chuck Liddell

“Depending on who they offer, I’m down for just about anything.” From the Iceman’s mouth to our ears, Chuck Liddell continues on his comeback path. Chuck has been saying that Chael Sonnen could be a nice easy fight for his reintroduction to the MMA fray. He has also expressed interest in punching Tito Ortiz in […]

Chuck Liddell: ‘Chael Sonnen would be a good warmup fight.’

At this point, I’m convinced that if Chuck Liddell was to come back to MMA, it’s because TMZ pestered him into doing it. Now he’s talking warmup fights, for something that he has no plans on doing. A few months ago, Chael Sonnen said that his next Bellator opponent could be Chuck Liddell. Since then, […]