Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand

Some of the greatest fighters ever have come through AKA Thailand. Rising UFC stars and UFC legends all know where they want to train when visiting Phuket.

A few of the champion names who have graced the mats at AKA Thailand are Chuck Liddell, Big Nog, Jake Shields, Tyron Woodley, Nate Marquardt, and Luke Rockhold. Many of them have a tight knit relationship with AKA Thailand’s founder, Mike Swick. However, AKA Thailand has a reputation for being a luxury resort style gym and many people just want to see what all of the fuss is about. None are ever disappointed!

Being that we have some of The best Muay Thai trainers in the world, pro fighters from all combat sports also come to get solid work in. In fact, some fighters that train with us fight at either Patong or Bangla under the AKA Thailand banner.

It’s a common sight to see UFC fighters like Johnny Walker training next to a local kickboxing pro, who in turn, is training next to a first day beginner. All levels are welcome here and this includes the top championship pro to the accountant looking to get in better shape.