Mike Swick may own AKA Thailand but he is more than accessible for guests

A lot of brand owners/founders like to sit and count their money like Scrooge McDuck in the corner. This is not the case with the more than accessible AKA Thailand founder, Mike Swick. Swick makes himself available to guests at every level. He answers all the questions posed to him online and shakes every hand at the gym when he’s walking the AKA Thailand grounds.

If you comment to Swick (positively) online, he will respond. That’s just how he is. It may simply be a fist emoji at times but that’s only his way of showing that he has acknowledged the contact. Most of the time, he puts himself out there and gladly answers questions.

Again, he wants AKA Thailand to be a welcoming destination gym and it starts at the most basic levels. Just being a decent and friendly person can go a long way in someone’s personal experience.