Rampage and Chael literally have the friendliest face-off you’ve ever seen

Bellator had Quinton Rampage Jackson and Chael Sonnen square off to promote their heavyweight tournament fight. What happened next was the friendliest staredown we may have ever seen. Their exchange sounded like two old friends just shooting the breeze. Chael: “Necklace Rampage is apparently a nice guy. Chain Rampage I have to look out for.” […]

Chuck Liddell: ‘Chael Sonnen would be a good warmup fight.’

At this point, I’m convinced that if Chuck Liddell was to come back to MMA, it’s because TMZ pestered him into doing it. Now he’s talking warmup fights, for something that he has no plans on doing. A few months ago, Chael Sonnen said that his next Bellator opponent could be Chuck Liddell. Since then, […]