Chuck Liddell ‘Cameo’ trolling has the Iceman really heated

Online trolling will never end. Whether it’s actual trolling or something that gets lost in translation, people will always get got. The accessibility that the every man has nowadays is staggering and at the push of a button. What makes it even worse is that, many times, most of that put ourselves out there with good intentions find ourselves the victims of these people. Enter, Chuck Liddell.

A fighter’s life is a hard one and when it’s over, you do what you can to make money. People like Bruce Buffer allow fans to have personalized messages done by him and now fighters can do something similar. ‘Cameo’ is a service where fans can get personalized messages from celebrities and sometimes, like in this case, things can go South.

Chuck Liddell did a ‘Cameo’ and his subject was a gay man who finally came out of the closet. Of course, there was no gay man and Chuck Liddell had a video go viral where he wished ‘Timmy’ a good new life, as he was finally out of the closet.

The Cameo:

“Hey Timmy. Chuck Liddell here. L Dogg tells me that after 40 years, you’re finally coming out of the closet man. Yeah. You’re a homosexual and you’re proud of it. So man, good for you. I wish it didn’t take so long, you should have just accepted it a long time ago, but it’s all good you’re there. You can enjoy life and don’t have to hide what you’re doing and have a good time man. Hey, have a great life guys.”

Of course, it was all a fake and Chuck was on the internet telling a guy that he was proud of him for coming out. While it’s not really THAT big of a deal… It’s pretty lame.

What happened to just superglueing a quarter to the ground?