The UFC cut Justin Willis for seemingly no reason. J/K No they didn’t…

As if the UFC ever needed a reason to fire someone, they felt they had a legitimate reason to cut heavyweight prospect, Justin Willis. Reports flew into cyberspace this morning saying hat a UFC official verified that heavyweight fighter, Justin Willis, had been cut from the promotion. After the dust settled, Willis said it was just a big miscommunication.

Willis spoke to MMAJunkie.com and clarified what was going on in ‘Big Pretty’s’ career.

“It was a big miscommunication and a technical difficulty between me and the UFC,” Willis said. “I’ll put it like that. But everything has been worked out, and you will have a fight in the near future.”

“My goal is to be quicker, faster and prettier,” Willis said. “When I come back, I’m coming back with a vengeance. Picasso didn’t rush his art, and I’m not going to let these (expletive) boys rush ‘Big Pretty’s’ art. And (Harris, Tuivasa and Blaydes) can kiss my black ass.”

Willis is 4-1 in the UFC and a training partner of heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier. Getting cut after one loss doesn’t really make any sense, but it’s the UFC. They kind of can do whatever they want. Just look at what they did with Gerald Harris.