If Conor wants that ass whoopin again, I’m sure Floyd would oblige – Leonard Ellerbe

Conor McGregor has been at it again; Making public appearances to get his fans hyped for a potential return to fighting. He has named potential opponents, but one in particular is Floyd Mayweather. I’m sure Floyd would oblige Conor with a rematch. It’s clear that promoter, Leonard Ellerbe, is all for it too.

Ellerbe hasn’t directly spoken to Floyd, but the amount of money he’d make and the ease that he beat Conor the first time, Ellerbe knows that Floyd would jump at making at least another cool $100 million for easy work.

Before anyone has any thought about how Conor would do well a second time, I present you with this… Floyd carried Conor in the first fight to entertain the fans. If the fought again, Floyd would probably smash Conor within three rounds.

However, Conor fans refuse to believe that truth and as long as they follow their king, Conor can say whatever he wants to hype the fight and people will believe him. If Floyd can keep making $100 million per fight, he’ll fight McGregor at the Super Bowl halftime show until they are both being wheeled to the ring by their caregivers at the old folks home.