If Conor wants that ass whoopin again, I’m sure Floyd would oblige – Leonard Ellerbe

Conor McGregor has been at it again; Making public appearances to get his fans hyped for a potential return to fighting. He has named potential opponents, but one in particular is Floyd Mayweather. I’m sure Floyd would oblige Conor with a rematch. It’s clear that promoter, Leonard Ellerbe, is all for it too. Ellerbe hasn’t […]

Floyd Mayweather says he’s doing another exhibition in Japan in July

It looks like the world’s busiest retired fighter will be going after it again this July. Floyd Mayweather is claiming that he will do another 3-round exhibition boxing match and he’ll earn a cool $10 million for it. Floyd says that once again, it will take place in Japan. Last month for RIZIN’s New Year’s […]

Floyd is back to ‘fighting’ Nasukawa. Claims it will be ‘boxing exhibition’

Like me and any high school girlfriend ever, Floyd Mayweather is on again/off again and off again/on again in his fight with Tenshin Nasukawa. Floyd now says that the fight with Nasukawa will not be any fight at all. Rather, he will have a 3 round boxing exhibition with Tenshin. It will be promoted by […]

Floyd must have been reading Changed his ‘MMA mind’

Maybe Floyd Mayweather was reading our article here on about what a phenom Tenshin Nasukawa is. It’s not clear why, but Floyd Mayweather has backed out of his confirmed NYE RIZIN fight with the 20-year-old up-and-comer. Tenshin has trained at AKAThailand and we posted a video of his kicks from when he was 17 […]

Who is Tenshin Nasukawa? A guy Floyd won’t be exchanging kicks with

While every silly-ass fan who is not in the know posts cute little memes about Tenshin Nasukawa that say ‘Who the fook is that guy?’; There are actual educated fans out there who know exactly who this kid is. It was announced that Floyd Mayweather would be competing against Nasukawa at the upcoming RIZIN New […]

Damnit. Floyd vs Khabib is totally going to happen, isn’t it?

Death, taxes, and Floyd Mayweather fighting someone he’s not supposed to. That’s all I know for certain. After all of the talk back and forth between Floyd and Khabib Nurmagomedov, I’m totally convinced that a boxing match between the two is going to happen. Mayweather even reinforced his feelings that it’s going to go down […]

Floyd vs Pac-Man? You never know what’s real or fabricated anymore.

Is it real or fabricated hype? I just can’t tell anymore. When it comes to Floyd Mayweather, everything is a promotion so it’s impossible to distinguish fact from fiction. All we do know is that Floyd and Manny were both at the same place at the same time in Tokyo and words were exchanged between […]

Dana White shoots down ‘Dumbest s**t ever’ recent Floyd vs Conor rules

The last few days, reports have been leaked on every major media outlet that there would be certain rules in a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor UFC fight. Essentially, “people” were claiming that the fight was being made, but only with modified rules. the rules were that it would basically be a boxing match with […]

Congratulations Timur Valiev. You have won today’s internet.

Congratulations are in order! Timur Valiev, you have won the internet today. You make pick up your cash and prizes on your way out. Floyd Mayweather keeps posting these videos of himself in an MMA cage. While most sane people know these videos are all just posturing, MMA fighters have come out of the woodwork […]

Floyd is in talks with Dana White to fight in the UFC. Floyd says ‘NO’.

Well, that didn’t take too long. Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather was in talks with the UFC about fighting in the Octagon. Today, Floyd killed those rumors in a hurry. When faced with the question about Floyd wanting to fight in the UFC, he simply stated that he COULD do it. Then, broke it down about how […]