De La Hoya’s rambling response to Floyd’s ‘hypocrite’ comment.

The rambling and incoherent answer that Oscar De La Hoya gave in response to Floyd Mayweather calling him a ‘hypocrite’ is… special. Floyd put Oscar on blast this week for saying that he wanted to fight Conor McGregor. Months ago, Oscar said that Conor fighting Floyd was bad for boxing. Now, Oscar has come out […]

Floyd on De La Hoya: “Is he a hypocrite or back on coke again?”

While I wouldn’t put it quite the way that Floyd Mayweather did, he certainly has a point. Oscar De La Hoya has come out looking like quite the hypocrite as of late. Oscar was very vocal during the build-up to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. He emphatically stated that the fight shouldn’t happen and that […]

Showtime’s ‘Weasel’, Stephen Espinoza, thinks Floyd/Conor 2 is a no-go

Remember the Showtime head that McGregor called a ‘Weasel’? Well, his name is Stephen Espinoza and he is the executive vice president and general manager of Showtime Sports. If anyone aside from Leonard Ellerbe has information about Floyd Mayweather planning another return to boxing, it’s Espinoza. Recently there have been murmurings about a Floyd Mayweather […]