Floyd Mayweather says he’s doing another exhibition in Japan in July

It looks like the world’s busiest retired fighter will be going after it again this July. Floyd Mayweather is claiming that he will do another 3-round exhibition boxing match and he’ll earn a cool $10 million for it.

Floyd says that once again, it will take place in Japan. Last month for RIZIN’s New Year’s show, Floyd took on Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan and easily dispatched of him. It was a bizarre fight that drew criticism from fans, due to Tenshin awkwardly flailing around in the fight. Of course, everyone involved insisted that it was on the up and up.

Floyd will once again take to the ring to “fight” an opponent yet to be named. Being who he is, Floyd will handpick his opponent and set the rules.

For $10 million, I’ll fight Floyd every day for the next year.