Who is Tenshin Nasukawa? A guy Floyd won’t be exchanging kicks with

While every silly-ass fan who is not in the know posts cute little memes about Tenshin Nasukawa that say ‘Who the fook is that guy?’; There are actual educated fans out there who know exactly who this kid is. It was announced that Floyd Mayweather would be competing against Nasukawa at the upcoming RIZIN New Year’s Eve card and immediately hardcore fans thought, “Uh-oh”.

While Floyd is well past his boxing prime he has been slated to fight in some form of combat sport at the RIZIN show. Questions remain as to the capacity that the fight will take place in. MMA? Boxing with MMA gloves? Kickboxing with MMA gloves? Any kicking whatsoever?

Our own Mike Swick, who is the owner of AKA Thailand, has had Nasukawa train at the gym multiple times. In Swick’s own words,

“Nasukawa is a kicking prodigy. A freak fighter.”

Floyd better hope that there is no kicking anywhere because as we see from our own Instagram., Nasukawa was a kicking phenom when he was only 17 years old.