For a limited time, AKA Thailand is offering 30% off of all group training

It is a tough time out there for everybody and AKA Thailand is well aware of that. So, for a limited time we are offering 30% off of all pre-paid group training programs.

AKA Thailand WILL re-open and we WILL be better than ever. Being that this is such a difficult time for everyone we wanted to slash our prices so when this pandemic is over, people who wanted to come to AKA Thailand will now be able to get a much discounted price.

“For a limited time only, get 30% off ALL pre-paid group training! This includes all group classes… BJJ (Beginner/Advanced), MMA (Beginner/Advanced/Pro), Fitness, Yoga, and our AKA Airdyne Cardio Blast! Redeemable ANYTIME in the future! Transferrable ANYTIME in the future!

If you are planning to come train after this horrible crisis and quarantine is over, this will be the best deal we will offer! Go to to purchase now, or email for any questions. We CAN cater a special package specifically for you with all group training discounted.”