Marlon Moraes’ faceplanting knee that put Aljamain Sterling out

There were a ton of fantastic finishes at UFC Fight Night, Fresno. None were better than Marlon Moraes’ faceplanting knee that knocked Aljamain Sterling out cold.

It didn’t even start out as a knee, rather it was a switch kick where the knee clipped Sterling’s chin. Literally, the only thing that broke his fall was his face. Those kind of knockouts can be scary and even Moraes was concerned after the fight about Aljamain’s well-being.

Sterling posted to his Twitter and let everyone know that after the first stoppage loss of his career, he was doing okay.

“Hats off to Marlon. Thought I timed the TD perfectly and he was able to land a nasty knee. Sucks to be the nail, but this is the fight game. I’m ok for all those asking.”

The stellar knockout earned Moraes an extra $50,000 for his :67 seconds worth of work.