Max Holloway to Conor McGregor: “Don’t be scared, homie.”

It’s hard to decide which quote is the most MMA. “Don’t be scared homie” or “Sometimes these things happen in MMA”. In my opinion, both are tied for the top spot of overused MMA quotes that work in any situation.

In this scenario, the quotable Nick Diaz line is used by the UFC featherweight champ, Max Holloway. Max is referencing Conor Mcgregor when he says it. Coincidentally, everyone is saying this to McGregor these days.

Yes, the two can go back and forth on social media trading playful barbs, but one fact remains; Conor McGregor has never defended any title that he has ever won. Fans and fighters are sick of it, but none as much as the top guys in the lightweight and featherweight division. Because of McGregor’s inactivity, interim titles have popped up in two divisions and nobody likes those.

Holloway expressed his disappointment for Conor’s lack of motivation to fight in MMA again. However, he has a genuine concern for “The Notorious”. While Holloway wants a crack at McGregor, he emphasized that Conor needs to get his life back in order before doing anything fight related.

Basically, “Get your head on straight so I can kick your ass”.