Nate Diaz says he’s ‘Back in action’. No one knows what that means

Great news everybody! According to his Instagram, Nate Diaz is back in action. What exactly does this mean? Good luck finding anybody who knows the answer to that question.

Good work wit my boy @luke_1er Back in action #beast 👊🏼

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We can only speculate, but HOPEFULLY, his words mean that he is back to training and planning a return to the Octagon. Diaz has been on an extended hiatus since he won the McGregor lottery. He made a lot of money and it seems that he doesn’t care whether or not he engages in some face punching for our entertainment.

I don’t blame the guy. If I walked away with what he pulled in from the second McGregor fight, I’d be on an island and no one would hear from me again.