RQMS Podcast. Ep #50 – ‘Violent Bob Ross’ Luis Pena on the show!

Episode #50 of the Real Quick Podcast is here and the show hits you with all of the nostalgic feels. Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena is the guest and he stay on for a solid 50 minutes with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki. As usual, the interview is fantastic, but it’s especially good because Swick is a season 1 contestant and Pena is a season 27 contestant. Swick is like a kid in a candy store and asks a ton of questions because he wanted to compare the 2 seasons. Needless to say, season 1 and season 27 are vastly different.

“Luis Peña, also known as Violent Bob Ross, talks with Mike and Marc about his time on The Ultimate Fighter, how he got his nickname, training at AKA, celebrating his 26th birthday, and how he spends his free time.”

As we all know, season 1 of TUF was the embryonic show that kicked off the success of the UFC. At that time, the UFC was under different management and things ran quite differently. The cast were basically guinea pigs to see how to make the show a well oiled machine. Pena in season 27 detailed exactly how the show WAS a well oiled machine.

Pena also gives details on his AKA training and what brought him to AKA after the show. So, enjoy another solid episode of the Real Quick Podcast!