RQMS Podcast. Ep #50 – ‘Violent Bob Ross’ Luis Pena on the show!

Episode #50 of the Real Quick Podcast is here and the show hits you with all of the nostalgic feels. Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena is the guest and he stay on for a solid 50 minutes with Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki. As usual, the interview is fantastic, but it’s especially good because Swick […]

Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena: ‘We are all one’. UFC: ‘Um, that’s a negative’.

Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena, is getting his second shot at the UFC and he wants to walk to the cage at the TUF Finale with a ‘world flag’, The UFC came back saying it was a negative. Pena looks to spread the message that we as a people are all unified, but the UFC […]