Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena: ‘We are all one’. UFC: ‘Um, that’s a negative’.

Violent Bob Ross, Luis Pena, is getting his second shot at the UFC and he wants to walk to the cage at the TUF Finale with a ‘world flag’, The UFC came back saying it was a negative. Pena looks to spread the message that we as a people are all unified, but the UFC sees issues with the flag and have shot down his idea.

The iconic, Genki Sudo, first busted out a flag with all countries on it after his fights in the UFC. The flags had the text ‘We are all one’ on them, symbolizing a unified people. People like Justin Wren have done this in the past as well, to spread their message of desired harmony in the world.

Pena revealed on his Twitter that the UFC shot down his idea to use a world flag,

“Because they don’t know if all the countries are real countries”

I may be mistaken, but if you consider yourself a resident of Mars, couldn’t you carry a Mars flag?