It’s Monday and all anyone is talking about is DC and Brock Lesnar

You may hate the way that Brock Lesnar does things, but I must say, he gets stuff done. Since he invaded the cage after Daniel Cormier’s historic win at UFC 226, it’s all anyone is talking about on this Monday afternoon. Many of the complaints have been about how WWE-ish it felt. However, one day and almost 3 million YouTube views later; It shows what an impact Lesnar made when he went full-WWE mode in the cage.

Many of us hate that sort of stuff in our beloved MMA, but the reality is that the casual fans love it. Those mainstream fans are what make up the majority of PPV buys, so of course the UFC would put Brock in there. They knew that he’d cut a promo and have everyone hate him, generating heat. DC sold it as well and now this will probably be the biggest PPV that the UFC has had in years.

I hate it, but boy do I love it.

If you missed it, you can watch it again right here.