AKA Thailand offers training in multiple disciplines and fitness

It’s the multiple disciplines that AKA Thailand offers that makes us such a special gym. Our supergym offers Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, fitness, and yoga; Perfect for anyone that want any kind of workout.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and deeply embedded in the history and culture of the country. Originally created as a functional striking system for the Thai army and people to defend themselves and their families from enemy invasions, it slowly evolved into a competitive sport with the first “rings” being a simple piece of rope laid on the ground in a circle. It was also used as a way to settle civil disputes in Thailand’s more primeval eras.

At AKA Thailand we are committed to upholding the fundamental and traditional standards of instruction to offer our students a truly authentic Muay Thai training experience. Whether you are an amateur or pro fighter, fitness fanatic or trying to lose weight, Muay Thai is the perfect combat sport to help you achieve your goals.


Our trainers have many years of experience training foreigners and top tier Muay Thai fighters throughout the Kingdom of Thailand. They originate from the most legendary and respected gyms across the country and currently or formally held multiple prestigious belts in various weight classes during their own careers.

If you are an amateur or professional fighter, or a beginner wanting to take on a Muay Thai, K-1 and/or MMA career, then our team and Muay Thai program at AKA Thailand will push your standup to the next level. We have world class trainers and fighters ready to train and spar with you to provide the extra support you will need in the ring.

Fitness & Weight-Loss

Muay Thai is an excellent system to utilize for weight-loss and improving your overall fitness. It is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic training that will challenge your coordination, endurance, and mental fortitude. Mike Swick has put many hours into hand-selecting a team of talented and experienced Muay Thai trainers who have the ability to adapt the intensity of training to suit the needs of each of our students. If you are overweight and intimidated by the prospect of training in this atmosphere, you have nothing to worry about. Our trainers are friendly, professional and will respect your physical limitations while still pushing you to succeed with your fitness goals. Recently, we have added Mark Mariani as our S&C coach and he brings his world class training to AKA Thailand.


Brazilian jiu–jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself against a larger adversary by using leverage and proper technique focusing on grappling and especially ground fighting. The Gracie family, the founders of BJJ, modified judo and traditional Japanese jujutsu to create the art.

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is housed inside one of Thailand’s largest matted training areas. We have over 3,000 square feet of mat space so our guests have plenty of training room, no matter how big the classes are. Our 5,000 square foot MMA/BJJ facility is A/C cooled and equipped with top of the line Dollamur training mats, ensuring that we have one of the safest and most comfortable training rooms in Thailand. We also have another 1,500 square feet of A/C cooled Dollamur mat space in our 2 story fitness facility.

Whether you are a novice with no experience or a seasoned practitioner, we have a program for you!


At AKA Thailand, our yoga classes are designed to compliment your training routine. Whether you are here to fight, lose weight, or train on vacation, we recommend joining yoga classes to improve your flexibility, stamina, balance and breath control. Yoga is also a great supplementary class if you are feeling tired or drained, or are dealing with a minor injury that requires low impact support. We offer three unique classes per week that all serve to improve your overall performance.


If you’ve ever wanted a taste of what professional fighters and athletes go through to get into peak condition, then look no further. The Airdyne Cardio Blast is a 30 minute interval training session suitable for students of all fitness levels. Between rounds on the Airdyne bikes you will work your way through various circuits from speed ladders and speed punching to medicine ball slams, bodyweight exercises, battling ropes and more. It’s a great addition to your regular training schedule, or a quality session to get out of the way on an active recovery day. You can also use this class to gauge your stamina and progress throughout your trip.