See what some of the world’s best have to say about AKA Thailand

With a luxury resort style gym like AKA Thailand you know that some very high profile people will have a lot to say about it. Some of the world’s best martial artists and biggest stars have visited us here and give glowing reviews about what our gym has to offer.

“AKA Thailand has been amazing, like I said, I’ve been looked after really well. I’m in the best physical shape for my fight, I’m looking forward to fighting. I don’t think I could be prepared any better.”
-Mark Hunt

“I came to visit AKA Thailand with my family. We all loved it. The open air gym outside is impressive. All the coaches and people we met were beyond accommodating and welcoming. The kitchen made fantastic food. I could have definitely spent more time here. AKA Thailand is bad ass! Thank you for hosting us!”
-Chuck Liddell

“This is the best gym in Thailand!”
-Dan Bilzerian

“I have never seen anything like it. You can’t come to Thailand without coming to AKA Thailand!”
-Dana White

“AKA Thailand is home away from home now, and new Pre-Camp for The Chosen One! It’s all about training hard. Breaking barriers without breaking bones. AKA Thailand has the perfect balance of intensity and control. Mike Swick…Yeah, he’s ONTO SOMETHING!”
-Tyron Woodley

“This is one of the most amazing gyms I’ve ever seen, the most amazing gym. AKA Thailand is a destination for anybody of any level of fitness or for whatever you’re looking for, this gym covers everything. There’s so many levels of fitness here. They have the Muay Thai area, the MMA area, the fitness area which is a whole other level. This has surpassed my expectation by far, I had no idea it was going to be like this, I’m literally in ahhh. AKA Thailand was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a beautiful place and the best gym I’ve ever seen.”
-Luke Rockhold