Our coaches show Muay Thai ‘countering kicks’ techniques

Once again, AKA Thailand coaches show us some proper Muay Thai techniques. Kru Bird and Kru Bank demonstrate how to counter kicks with an advanced technique. On the flip side, they also go over how to counter the counter!

This kick counter will take some time to fully perfect. The moves can be simple enough if you are well trained and it is practiced many times. Keep in mind, this is definitely not day-one stuff!

Our coaches demonstrate the first move in this defensive sequence by blocking the jab with both gloves covering the face. Then, when the kick comes, you check it. Here is where the new technique comes in. Anticipating another kick coming, bring your arm up and under the opponent’s leg, catching it. Here, you would step back and move the leg to the opposite side of the body. At this point, you would counter with a low kick while simultaneously pushing your opponent with your arm. This is done to knock them off of their balance and potentially off of their feet.

The way to counter the counter if you are offensive in this sequence begins when you leg is caught. It’s at this point that you remain offensive and when your opponent brings your leg to the opposite side of the body, you basically land a push kick. This will get your opponent from utilizing their counter and then you can reset.

Take a look at our video to see how Kru Bird and Kru Pet flow through these sequences.

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