AKA Thailand Guest Spotlight on Germany’s Ben Hottmann

The AKA Thailand guest spotlight focuses on Germany’s, Ben Hottmann. Ben is visiting us amid the global pandemic and he couldn’t be more stoked to be here. As we’ve said in previous articles, AKA Thailand is offering a huge discount on group training. On top of that, Phuket is the least busy as we’ve ever seen out here. Hottmann has taken advantage of both the discount and lack of people and is out here having the greatest time.

Hottmann says, “I smile 24/7 every day. I love to be here at AKA Thailand. People think, ‘Why should I spend my money (when I have to) quarantine for 2 weeks?’ If you get the discount for training, condos, or even food… It’s cheaper now! After a 2-week quarantine, you get everything so cheap in price. I got the best price in my life. I spent 2 weeks in quarantine and (Coming to AKA Thailand) was the best decision I could ever make.”

Ben has been taking advantage of our training under our world-class coaches. On top of that, he’s been indulging in cuisine and enjoying beaches like Naiharn, which are almost completely empty! We’ve said it before; There is no better time to visit AKA Thailand than right now!

If you are looking to experience what Ben has been enjoying, email! Our management team will get you set up to visit both quickly and easily!

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