AKA Thailand Muay Thai Basics: Learning how to throw the jab

Learning how to throw the jab is a basic technique in fighting. We see it used effectively MMA, Muay Thai, and boxing; Often with positive results. AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainer, Kru Bird, demonstrates jab techniques that will be beneficial for you when throwing it correctly.

Most recently in MMA we saw Kamaru Usman absolutely pick his opponent, Gilbert Burns, apart. He did this by using a crisp jab early and often. In fact, one of the knockdowns that he had on burns was due to a stiff jab square to Burns’ jaw.

The jab can be very effective for a combatant for a few reasons. One reason is that it helps keep an opponent out of striking range. Another reason is that it helps the person throwing the jab measure distance from their opponent. Lastly, as seen above with Kamaru Usman, it can be a deadly offensive weapon.

The jab comes the fastest and is the most unseen of all the punches. Basically, when the jab is coming at you, there is no perspective and it’s hard to dodge. When a hook is thrown, hips move and the arm comes from the side. This is why people like Floyd Mayweather excelled in their careers. He was able to see hooks and usually roll with them, avoiding taking punishment.

Learning how to throw the jab can be a huge part of anyone’s arsenal. Luckily, stance and execution of the jab are some of the more basic techniques in fighting, and in this case, Muay Thai!

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