Joe Rogan said Greg Hardy’s debut was a joke and he’s pretty accurate

Joe Rogan was pretty accurate with his assessment of Greg Hardy’s debut. He wasn’t just spot on about how the fight ended in a disqualification, but he was correct about the entire Greg Hardy situation as a whole.

The UFC put all their Hardy eggs into one basket and then prayed that he would not fail. They set a disgraced NFL player who only fought less than qualified opponents as the co-main event of the ESPN+ debut card. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out… Everything.

We saw what happened from the start of the fight until the ugly finish. Hardy could not get the KO on his opponent and slowed down like a truck stuck in the mud. When he was seemingly out of gas, he threw an illegal knee, thus completing Dana White’s nightmare.

Rogan described Hardy’s debut on his podcast,

“How’d that go? How’d that work out? Terrible. It was a joke.”

Joe has never spoken truer words than that. The rumor is that Dana will give Hardy another shot in the UFC to redeem himself. Besides, everybody deserves a second (third, fourth, and fifth) chance.