Save your time testing out Phuket gyms and just come to AKA Thailand

You will just be wasting your precious time by testing out all of the gyms in Phuket to find out which most meets your needs. We are here to tell you that your search should just stop at AKA Thailand.

As far as our programs are concerned, our gym is top tier with the best trainers that you could possibly find. Between our Thai-born trainers who teach Muay Thai and our BJJ/MMA coach who is a third degree BJJ black belt, our training is top notch.

Then there is the rest of AKA Thailand. Our customer service is off the charts and a big reason why has us rated 5-stars. We handle things that no other gym in Thailand even considers because we want our guests to have everything at their fingertips. This includes service both inside and outside of the gym.

Our food at the contender cafe is amazing. It’s made to be both local and Westernized food so that everyone feels comfortable with their meals. We offer meal plans and delicious cuisine in advance so you never have to worry about each meal.

We have so much to offer here and this is why we advertise as a luxury resort. Our goal is to have everyone who walks through our doors feel like they are the only guest here!