AKA Thailand trainers demonstrate ‘Kick Fakes’ techniques

Similar to our previous article about ‘Teep Fakes’, our AKA Thailand Muay Thai trainers demonstrate ‘Kick Fakes’. Kru Bird and Kru Pet once again hit the mats to show us how to use fake kicks to set up their offense.

The fake kick can set up a knee-jerk reaction to check it. Even the most seasoned fighters will try and block a kick if they think it is for sure going to hit them. As our two trainers demonstrate, the kick fakes are actually almost full kicks but cease right before contact. This is when the strike can be thrown; When your opponent is focused on blocking.

Kru Bird show’s his go-to move when using this technique. He throws a low kick, getting his opponent to check it. Then he throws the fake leg kick right after. When his opponent lowers their guard to block what they think is a low kick, he goes up top and throws an overhand right. The punch comes almost immediately after the fake kick is thrown.

Getting this technique down can possibly change the outcome of a fight. This alone can keep your opponent guessing because they have no idea what you are going to throw at them next.

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