AKA Thailand Muay Thai Trainers Demonstrate Teep Fakes

Adding to AKA Thailand’s series of techniques for Muay Thai, today we bring you ‘Teep Fakes’ techniques. Our trainers, Kru Bird and Kru Pet, demonstrate how to do these moves and when used correctly, what they are good for.

The ‘push kick’ in Muay Thai is also known as the teep. It is used in a similar way that the jab is utilized in boxing. It is used to gauge distance as well as keeping an opponent at range. The kick is one of the most basic kicks, however, it is also one of the most functional for Muay Thai.

AKA Thailand trainers, Kru Bird and Kru Pet, demonstrate to us how threatening the use of a teep can set up other strikes. Since this kick is thrown consistently, it’s safe to assume that your opponent is ready to check the teep and counter. If you are faking this kick, it may give you enough time to catch your opponent in a vulnerable position.

Faking the teep in Muay Thai can elicit a knee-jerk reaction to an opponent that can open them up to receive a finishing shot. As Kru Bird and Kru Pet show, even when demonstrating, Bird catches Pet and sends him flying off balance into the ring ropes. They show variants of how it can be used and potential offensive shots that you may use to counter.

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