Mike Swick surprises AKA Thailand guests with beach getaway

When AKA Thailand guests came to workout last weekend they had no idea that Mike Swick had a surprise. He had planned a secret beach getaway for them that would blow their minds. He nailed it, as the out-of-the-gym adventure had all of the bells and whistles.

Being that the world is dealing with this pandemic and things aren’t great for a lot of people, Swick wanted to give AKA Thailand guests something to smile about. For their loyalty to AKA Thailand, Swick decided to give back and he did it big.

Rewarding guests of AKA Thailand, Swick took it to the next level. Guests took boats from Rawai over to beautiful Banana Beach for his secret beach getaway. The day was filled with training, playing games, winning prizes, and an amazing meal. To top it off, they received a special message from a very inspired UFC champion.

AKA Thailand guests were able to take part in this unique experience thanks to owner/founder, Mike Swick, spreading some joy during these trying times.

Check out our video documenting the day and also watch the encouraging words from a UFC champion!

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