AKA Thailand voted ‘Best Muay Thai School in Thailand’!

For the second year in a row, AKA Thailand was voted, ‘Best Muay Thai School in Thailand! Our owner/founder, Mike Swick, set out to create one of the world’s best destination gyms. In doing so, Swick managed to put together an incredible Muay Thai program that earned us this prestigious title. We are thrilled because, in the place with the greatest Muay Thai in the world, we’re recognized as the best.

Swick took to his Instagram today to announce the news and show his heartfelt appreciation:

“We are humble in our acceptance of this amazing award 2 years in a row, being the best Muay Thai School in Thailand. Thailand has always been the destination to learn Muay Thai and I am so proud of our family here that has outlined a curriculum for anyone to be a part of and have fun while doing it. Schools are an important influence and should always be about the students and what they can learn while having fun in a tropical habitat that makes you truly know you are in Thailand.

We strive to create a fun gym that also teaches the ancient arts in their natural and cultural environment. The family we have here at AKA Thailand is like nowhere else in the world and I am so lucky to have the staff and trainers that we have! All understand the importance of this experience for people and what effect it has on their lives through their journeys.

I grew up in a small Texas town in the USA and could have only dreamed of being able to have some kind of influence in making what I thought to be the perfect sports combat training facility in paradise! I’m so happy and proud of all the people that truly make AKA Thailand what it is today! I love all of the AKA family and everyone that will join us as we continue to grow!”

Being voted ‘Best Muay Thai School in Thailand’ is truly an honor. Given that AKA Thailand is one of the newer schools, it makes this distinction that much more distinguished! Thank you, everyone, who made this happen! We welcome you on our journey of continuing to be the gym that everyone has to come to!