sailing seas NFTs

AKA Thailand went sailing the seas with NFTs

The AKA Thailand staff went sailing the seas and they had NFTs on their minds! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that AKA Thailand has been participating in the NFT universe for a while now. On our website and Twitter page, we are always offering NFTs for sale, as well as a grip of giveaways.

Today on our Instagram, we posted the documented excursion with a message to everyone that has an interest in the Metaverse!

“Our Founder, Mike Swick, took the #AKAThailand staff out for a day on the yacht and sailed the islands! Along with the staff, our new NFTs came along for the ride! All 555 pieces were designed for rigging and animation. Holders can make very realistic cartoons with them. 😉 If you’re wanting one of the only 555 AKA Thailand NFT’s, click the link in our bio and secure your NFT/s with a WL, or simply go to:!”

Sailing the seas around Thailand with the intent to raise awareness for the NFTs we have available AND are giving away, was our goal!

So, now you know! Don’t walk… RUN to to get your AKA Thailand NFTs right now! We only give WL spots to serious minters. There are only 555 spots available and AKA Thailand has a huge following. We want to make sure the most committed people get one!