Tyron Woodley and Mike Swick have a private pad hitting session

During Tyron Woodley’s stay at AKA Thailand he is getting ready for his UFC fight in March. Mike Swick and Tyron took their workout to the beach and had themselves a private pad hitting session.

Normally on the weekends the trainers at AKA Thailand take guests to the beach and do our famous beach workouts. However, when you are someone with the name recognition of Tyron Woodley, AKA Thailand founder, Mike Swick, goes out of his way to be totally hands-on.

Swick took AKA Thailand trainer, Dillon Croushorn, with him and Tyron to the beach. Dylan held pads for Tyron as Woodley is looking sharper each and every day during his time here.

The guys boated to this beautiful area off of the Phi Phi coast and enjoyed a nice little mitt session within the serenity of this destination beach spot. Woodley is training at AKA Thailand for his pre-camp in preparation for his March 21 fight against Leon Edwards in London.