Our BJJ/MMA room is a big part of why AKA Thailand is rated 5 stars

AKA Thailand is rated 5-stars and there are a bunch of variables as to why. A big part of AKA Thailand that makes us so unique is having things that other combat sports gyms don’t possess. Our MMA/BJJ room is one of those things. The room is the largest air-conditioned matted BJJ/MMA room in all […]


Mike Swick walks us through AKA Thailand to show us the grounds

Mike Swick is the owner/founder of AKA Thailand and Marc Bogutzki is the Director of Customer Service. Together, they show us the grounds of the gym so guests and visitors can see what they are getting into before they even get here. Visa issues, car trouble, law trouble, help with translation, the AKA management team […]


AKA Thailand is for all levels. From the day 1 beginner to top pros

What most people fail to realize is that AKA Thailand isn’t just for top pros or the elite combat sports athletes. Many times when we speak to people about AKA Thailand they usually just think it’s a fight gym for pros. Oh how wrong they are. AKA Thailand is a destination gym. Mike Swick created […]


The BJJ/MMA room at AKA Thailand is part of what makes us 5-star rated

There are many things that AKA Thailand has to offer that makes us a 5-star rated gym. Our programs, world-class trainers, and other amenities are part of it. However, it’s our BJJ/MMA room that may carry the most weight. We have the Contender Cafe, a basketball court that is NBA regulation size, combat sports programs […]


We may be in Thailand but that doesn’t mean all we teach is Muay Thai

Just because we are located in Thailand, it doesn’t mean that all we teach here is Muay Thai. Granted, our Muay Thai program is a huge part of what we offer but it certainly isn’t all we offer. Our BJJ/MMA program is headed up by Marcio Cesar Gracinha, who is a multiple level black belt […]


All disciplines at AKA Thailand are well represented by our trainers

All of the disciplines that are taught at AKA Thailand are very well represented by the trainers in their particular combat sport. From Muay Thai to BJJ, everyone that is hired and on staff at AKA Thailand are some of the world’s best. Our Muay Thai program is taught by a plethora of Thai-born trainers. […]

Take some notes and check Marcio Cesar Gracinha going over BJJ basics

Get your pen and paper out and be ready to take some BJJ notes. Our head MMA and BJJ instructor, Marcio Cesar Gracinha, goes over some of the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While you can’t go out right nw and immediately apply the techniques on a black belt, it’s at least a very good […]


Build kid’s confidence and put them in BJJ or Muay Thai at AKA Thailand

I’m not quite sure how kids being put in Karate to build their confidence began. I’m assuming it has to do with Bruce Lee because it is one of the least effective martial arts. Compared to Muay Thai and BJJ, Karate may as well be Tai Chi. That’s not to say Karate doesn’t work, however, […]


Mike Swick demonstrates how to get em down and keep em down

Mike Swick is the founder and CEO of AKA Thailand. However, he is also a UFC pioneer who is an AKA staple. AKA prides itself on their fighters’ grinding style and most fighters there train to ’embrace the grind’. Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez; All take people down and keep them down. Mike Swick […]